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One With The One


A soulful collection of sacred prayer, affirmation, and verse in song by Jennifer Ruth Russell

Product Description

by Jennifer Ruth Russell

This is a collection of sacred songs, prayer, affirmation, and verse. Whenever I really want to know something in my body, in my bones, I write a song. I hope these songs bless you and carry you on your journey.

Some of the words are by some of my extra-ordinary teachers, Rumi, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Ernest Holmes, and Rev. Maggie Buck.

Haunting strings begin the journey with ‘Abba Mamma’, recognizing Father Mother God.

‘Come Whoever You Are’, has been featured at the Graduation Ceremonies at the Agape International Spiritual Center and on the Agape Universal Movement Learning Channel, AUM. The words are by Rumi.

We then travel to my African roots with ‘One with the One’.

Susan J Paul, my forever friend and an outstanding singer songwriter, wrote ‘My Soul Sings Out.’ This song will make you cry.

There are a few chants sprinkled in. ‘Center of Creation’ was inspired by Rev. Margaret Shepherd’s Visionbuilders work. Ernest Holmes’ foundational book, ‘This Thing Called You’ gave me the simple and powerful words for ‘There is Nothing But Peace.’

‘Faith Walks In’ is tinged with a little jazz flavor. Christian D. Larson’s (Pathway of Roses) brilliant words moved me so much I wanted to anchor them in a song.

‘Canoe’ is about going with the flow, as taught so well by Abraham-Hicks.

A daily thought by Rev. Maggie Buck brought about the gospel tune ‘Wholly Ground.’ Michell Latosz and Rob McDonald join me, each singing a verse.

There is another gospel flavored song directly from Phillipians 4:8 called ‘Think on These Things.’ – a great reminder to pay attention to where you are keeping your thoughts.

‘Love the Music in You.’ is simple and sweet and has a Celtic lilt to it. Dion Mial harmonized so beautifully with me on the last verse.

‘Sparrow’ has a bit of a South American feel. I wrote this as a single mom, wondering how I was going to pay the next month’s rent.

On July 27, 08 Rev. Michael {Agape Int. Spiritual Center) was speaking and was on fire, as usual. He is a true poet on the fly. ‘With this Breath’ flowed out of his mouth without any hesitation. It sounded like the Song of Solomon to me.


Some of my favorite musicians and favorite people, brought their brilliance to this project. Michael Gayle, produced it and played all the guitars. Xavier Marshall and Ryan Brown played the drums. Rob McDonald played bass, arranged the background vocals for ‘Wholly Ground’ and ‘Think on These Things’. Chris Woods (violin and viola) and Adrienne Woods (cello) recorded all the string parts. Tom Morgan Jr. contributed the soulful alto sax on ‘Think on These Things. Leon Mobley played the djembe and various percussion.

The beautiful backing vocals were sung by Dion Mial, Davie Gayle, Jami Lula, Michael Gayle, Michell Latosz, Midge Painchard, Rob McDonald and Susan J Paul.

The cover art was done by one of my favorite artist, Anahata Katkin. Elizabeth MacFarland took Anahata’s art and created the gorgeous cover. Elizabeth has done all of the graphic artwork for my CDs. Isn’t she amazing. Photography by the ever gracious Amudhan W Ramappa

Affirmations, prayers and verses


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